We believe that a visit to a restaurant is about more than just satisfying the stomach. Here at Indira you will experience the combination of a pleasant meal and a visit to a lively, warm and welcoming environment – almost always filled with life and sound. The owner, Hassan Patwary, has tried his uttermost to create an enchanting environment using gastronomy and arts. His goal was to give the restaurant an authentic indian feeling created by colorful lamps, strong scents of spices, corny details combined with grand decor like the golden Buddha statue that watches over the street level. This is a place to pop in for a quick Tandoori sizlar before going to the movies. Our goal is to serve our customers food quickly, so that they then can sit down and relax and enjoy the environment.

We aim to always have available seating for our guests so we often fill up the tables – sometimes customers share tables with each other in a very indian manner. Our restaurant has three floors which makes it feel like an indian residential house. For many this comes as a fine chaotic break in an often very quiet everyday.

Here at Indira you will find a broad meny with options that suit almost everyone. We serve you an opportunity to enjoy a nice meal, a cold beer or a good glass of wine. On your lonesome or in the company of family or friends – here at Indira there is always room for everyone.