In march 1990 restaurant Indira saw daylight for the first time. Back then the premises were very modest and we only seated one floor. During all our years we have maintained high quality in food and since day one we have practiced a quite unique system for dining – the customer orders at the cashier followed by payment so that he can then be seated and wait to be served by the table. This has made it possible for us to maintain cheap pricing, without compromising with the quality. Our low prices have made us famous during all these years so we try our best to hold on to them. If desired – we come to your table and take your order by traditional standards.

During the years our premises and restaurant has gone through some evolution – we have acquired multiple arts, statues and paintings. We have increased the number of seats by remodeling both our basement floor and by building a whole new floor above street level.

The proud owner of the restaurant is a philanthropist and art lover who has made it his destiny to bring all sorts of beautiful crafts into his restaurant.

All of the staff at Indira are very pleased to share our philosophy and tradition that this restaurant relies on.