Welcome to Indira!

An indian restaurant that has been established in Stockholm since 1990.

Both management and staff here at Indira are highly passionate about the indian food culture with all its flavors and complexity, so that we can make sure that you as our guest will experience the true magic of indian food.

Indian food involves many variables and spices which makes it almost impossible to get tired of, it can be varied and newly created into infinity. To achieve good knowledge in indian cuisine one has to experiment quite a bit, which we here at Indira have had the chance to do during our soon to be 30 years in business.

Our kitchen offers a wide range of both meat and fish dishes as well as our delicious and popular vegetarian dishes. We also serve Tandoori grill which prepare in our charcoal oven. This is also where we create our very appreciated Naan bread.

Restaurant Indira is located in the beginning of Bondegatan in Södermalm, right across the street from Skrapan. We are easily reached by buss, commuter train and metro.

We have food for take out and if you wish to order catering, please contact us. For larger groups we can rent out our basement floor.