About us

Information about Indira
Restaurant Indira first opened in March 1990. Our philosophy has always been that it is highly important for the customers to enjoy all the delicate dishes and get satisfied. Indira started up an unique system for a restaurant involving the customers first make their order and pay at the cashier, then afterwards being served to the table. We still have retained this system and are therefore able to keep the prices as low as possible. If you for some reason desire, we also take orders from the table.

The restaurant has three floors, each with its own characteristics. The local is decorated with lots of art, mosaic, tiles and statues representing various Indian Gods. The largest statues are placed at the high windows.
High up on the wall, on the main entrance floor, there is a gigantic Buddha sitting on a shelf surrounded by colourful lighting flowers and plants. The tables at the restaurant are individually decorated with different kind of mosaic motives.

On the cellar floor is the ceiling covered with a surrealisticĀ  painting stretching over the whole room.

Indira is decorated with lots of oriental lightings and the illumination creates a pleasant and warm atmosphere.